Let’s get this started!

Well, hello! This may or may not be the first time that we’ve met, but it will probably be the first time that you have seen me open myself up like I plan to do here. Blogging is something new to me, although one of my goals here is to get back to doing some of the things that made me happy and passionate as a child and young adult before the “real” world changed my outlooks and expectations. Mainly, I hope to use this as a way to get back in touch with the writer inside of me. So I feel the need to acknowledge three people in particular for my leap into this foray: My wife, who has never been anything but supportive and encouraging of all of my ideas. My mother who has always pushed me to follow my dreams and has often questioned my inaction in doing so. And to my good friend and blog mentor Whitney. She is an awesome co-worker, love to one of my best friends, challenger of herself and friends to “fly”, and a very accomplished blogger. PLEASE check out her blog.

Ever since I can remember I enjoyed writing as a way of expressing myself and bringing joy to people around me.  I loved the attention as well. I remember being in the newspaper in the fourth grade for a poem I had written. Poetry always seemed to come easy to me as well as short stories. I am sure that you will get the chance to read my creative droplets here since that is one of the many points of me having this blog. I don’t expect everyone to like everything they read, or to be able to relate or agree with everything that I have to say.

Over the course of time that we spend together, you will see changes to this page. I am still figuring out all of this stuff and the majority of my computer knowledge involves video games and, since we are being honest with each other, porn. The latter will probably never be discussed here. Probably. If you have style or format issues with this page, please be patient for now. Not only am I learning new computer things, I am searching for my voice at the same time. It’s harder than some may think.

I will leave you all today with two poems. One that I wrote some time ago, and my friend Whitney posted written by a girl from Australia named Erin Hansen which has surely helped inspire this blog’s existence.

So thank you for tuning in and although I am quoting this out of context, you’ll understand in a moment: “I believe it’s time for me to fly”.


My grandfather made his toys with imagination.

My father’s toys were made by other Americans.

My toys were mass produced in a far off land.

My grandfather married young.

My father married later.

I’ve not married yet.

My grandfather fought for the common cause.

My father fought for his cause.

I don’t even have a cause.

Tell me, what will be left for my children?


One thought on “Let’s get this started!

  1. Our children?
    I don’t know
    And have no idea even about
    the ones right after them
    But if it goes the way it is going
    Then I guess there will be time
    when it is us no more who do
    the walk-talk-or even-‘get knocked’
    And men’s sole function would be
    to make sure
    that the bigger than life AI is doing just fine

    (PS: sorry if that sounds so negative, it is what crosses my mind at the monent. Happy blogging)


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