It’s been almost a year.

Wow. My laziness and lack of motivation to cultivate this blog has just smacked me in the face with a brick. For a guy who wants to write and be creative, I have done a piss poor job of self motivation to realize my dream. I could blame a lot of factors. But the truth is that I expected instantaneous results. I expected the skies to part and for inspiration to take me by the hand and write my blog for me. Well, that obviously isn’t going to happen, so I am pretty sure that the only recourse is to either shut the blog down, which is giving up and admitting defeat by my own hands; or to force myself to write.

I have a childhood friend, David, who is, as I write this pittance, closing on the end of a personal challenge to write 50,000 words for his novel. Oh wait, I forgot to mention that he has challenged himself to do this in FIVE DAYS! So far, he is doing excellent.

Fun fact about me: I have big dreams and big ideas with little follow through. I become caught up in the possible futures of my ideas and forget to plant them. I neglect to cultivate, care for and prune them to make them healthy and whole. Then, I find a way to blame something other than my own fear. Fear of obstacles that I can’t overcome, that I have yet to even encounter. Fear of failure and sometimes fear of success. This should be my place of refuge.

This isn’t Facebook where family and friends feel somehow obligated to friend you and are forced to see your posts. The only people reading this are people who choose to read it. Maybe that’s why I preferred the title of Facebook’s ill fated predecessor, MySpace. This is my space.

You don’t have to like what I write, comment on it, or even read it. Coming into my space is completely voluntary and although I invite people to come into my space and take something of me through my ramblings, I also invite you to leave if you wish. I invite you to dislike and disagree with me. Without outside opinion and knowledge we cease to grow and learn. Without outside perspective we get caught up in our own worlds and forget to be empathetic, intelligent beings. So I always invite intelligent discourse, but teach me, not preach at me. Maybe along the way we can influence each other’s ideas and all grow.

I have a few contentious topics about which I will soon share my thoughts, after they are gathered. But that, is for another time.


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