Scary stuff….

I am doing somethings in my life right now that are terrifying. I am attempting to change my body, mind, and soul all at the same time.

Inspired by Lent, but not limiting myself to 40 days, I am eating better and exercising more. I am forcing myself to read more and learn more everyday. And I have decided to give up being an agnostic, and jump into faith (not denominational religion).

I feel like I needed to change. I am 40 years old and the heaviest I have been at 265. That is unhealthy. I feel stagnant in my mind and watching Leia learn so much made want to be amazed at things again. And having grown up with faith in my heart, I felt I was missing something.

So I am undertaking my largest and most ambitious attempt at chasing who I once was, and who I want to be, that I have done since Basic Training.

This blog has been so neglected. It is a  beautiful tool at my disposal that I neglected in favor of a Tumblr where I only reblogged other people’s work. I change slowly. But sometimes an event needs to happen to give evolution a kick in the ass.


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