I have been inquiring at my job about any possible opportunities to increase my earnings. I have been in the food business for twenty years. I have always been in casual, upscale, or fine dining service, with no QSR experience.

Ten years ago I was making 40k in Restaurant Management, and now I make $8.25/hr plus tips that average out at about another two dollars an hour while working for a nationally recognized BBQ brand, based here in Orlando. I would happily go into management for them, and would be welcomed, if not for my “limited” availability of 5am-5pm, M-F.

I want to use my culinary experience to help grow this brand and expand/improve our menu. I didn’t mind taking the excruciatingly low pay to get in the door, but now it’s time for another door to open, or I will be moving on.

There are a few outside opportunities that have already presented themselves. So, how long do I give them to step up and decide?

I don’t have the answer to that. So today I will enjoy the day off with my wife and Leia as we go to Epcot for some family fun. Maybe some time not thinking about it will help me gain some more clarity.


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