So yesterday I was asked by my GM to come and talk to him before I left for the day. I was a little nervous since I was pretty sure that I had displayed some discontent outwardly the previous day.

An hour later another manager approaches me to tell me that he, my GM, and another manager would like to speak with me before I leave for the day. OK, now a conference? I asked if everything was okay and he said that it was, and that I would like what they had to say.

Still, I was a little nervous. What someone else could consider good could be something else to me. I started replaying everything from that day and the previous one in my head.

Come the end of the day I walked into the office, took a position against the wall (their office isn’t made to have four grown men in it), and awaited my fate.

“OK, what’s with all the secrecy guys?”

It was then explained to me that I would be receiving an immediate 15% raise, with another 10% possible in 60 days pending a second review at that time. I am being asked to take on some additional responsibilities, but that is actually welcome.

I prayed and asked for a sign of whether or not I was where I needed to be for now, and I have received my answer loud and clear. I encourage everyone to be critical thinkers and to decide things for themselves without being hurtful or disrespectful towards others. But for me, I have to say that I feel watched over and loved.


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