A few (hopefully) inspiring words

Here are a few poems I wrote a few years ago. I hope you will read them and be encouraged; encouraged to write, love, and to encourage others.

A Promise

Tossed about in the ocean waves,

Back and forth for what seems like days.

The current leading far from shore,

There is no ceiling, no walls and no floor.

Treading and swimming against the tide,

Many have struggled and many have died.

Reaching out for a line, but none to be found.

Refusing to be another person who’s drown.

But exhaustion sets in, and watery breaths

Are all that are here in Depression’s great depths.

None can hope to fight the inevitable end

Without the help of a loving, caring friend.


So I reach out to help in your time of need,

And promise to keep forever this solid, solemn creed.

That whenever you fall, no matter how far

My door is  always open, always is ajar.

My ear’s always listening for your cries in the dark

And that sound will always pull the strings of my heart.

My arms are always ready for a loving, strong embrace,

To keep you close to my heart, where you’ll never doubt you’re safe.

My eyes will weep as yours weep, even when you haven’t the tears.

I will not falter or fail you, through distance or the years.

Together we will laugh and cry until all your days have past.

For then you will be with Me in this place that forever lasts.




In my lust for life I’ve found heartache, pain and strife.

I traveled far from home. It seems like years I roamed.

Crisscrossing the Cosmos with my coven of convenience,

All the while just longing for a transcendent experience.

Searching for that something to make me finally feel whole.

I exposed the weakness of my body, mind and soul.

Then You came along and helped me see the error of my plan

Because it had been devised by me, a simple mortal man.

No blueprint can be perfect, when the architect is flawed.

That is why I’m pleased that my house was built by God.


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